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Twin Oaks Airpark is a unique residential airpark located in Hillsboro, Oregon. It is a community of aviation enthusiasts who live in homes with attached hangars, allowing them to conveniently store and access their aircraft right from their own property. The airpark is situated on a picturesque 52-acre site, providing a tranquil and scenic setting for its residents. With its close-knit community, convenient amenities, and access to recreational opportunities, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for aviation enthusiasts.

Twin Oaks Airpark is more than just a residential community; it is a lifestyle choice for those who are passionate about aviation. The airpark features a 3,600-foot paved and lighted runway, making it easy for residents to take off and land right from their doorstep. The community is designed to cater to the needs of pilots and aircraft owners, with spacious lots that can accommodate both homes and hangars. The airpark also offers a range of amenities, including a clubhouse, picnic areas, and walking trails, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for residents. With its focus on aviation and community, Twin Oaks Airpark provides a unique living experience for those who share a love for flying.

Key Takeaways

  • Twin Oaks Airpark is a unique residential airpark community located in Hillsboro, Oregon, offering a lifestyle centered around aviation and community.
  • The airpark provides convenient access to the Portland metropolitan area and surrounding areas, with its own private runway and hangar space for residents’ aircraft.
  • Residents of Twin Oaks Airpark enjoy a strong sense of community and camaraderie, with regular social events and a shared passion for aviation bringing people together.
  • The airpark offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including flying, hiking, and golfing, making it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Living in Twin Oaks Airpark can provide economic benefits, such as potential rental income from hangar space and increased property value due to the unique amenities offered.

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of living in Twin Oaks Airpark is the convenience and accessibility it offers to aviation enthusiasts. Residents have the luxury of keeping their aircraft in their own hangar, allowing for easy access whenever they want to take to the skies. This eliminates the need to travel to a separate airport or storage facility, saving time and hassle for pilots. Additionally, the airpark’s paved and lighted runway provides a safe and reliable surface for takeoffs and landings, further enhancing the convenience of living in this aviation-focused community.

In addition to its aviation amenities, Twin Oaks Airpark also offers convenient access to everyday necessities. The airpark is located just a short drive from the city of Hillsboro, providing residents with access to shopping, dining, and other essential services. This allows residents to enjoy the tranquility of airpark living without sacrificing the convenience of urban amenities. With its combination of aviation accessibility and everyday convenience, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a lifestyle that is both unique and practical for aviation enthusiasts.

Community and Camaraderie

Twin Oaks Airpark is more than just a collection of homes; it is a close-knit community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for aviation. Residents of the airpark have the opportunity to connect with fellow pilots and aircraft owners, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit. The airpark’s clubhouse serves as a gathering place for social events and activities, providing residents with opportunities to build friendships and connections with their neighbors. This strong sense of community sets Twin Oaks Airpark apart from traditional residential neighborhoods, creating a supportive and welcoming environment for its residents.

The airpark’s focus on community extends beyond social interactions; it also includes a commitment to safety and mutual support among residents. Pilots at Twin Oaks Airpark look out for one another, offering assistance and guidance when needed. This sense of solidarity creates a secure and supportive environment for aviation enthusiasts, allowing them to pursue their passion for flying with confidence. With its emphasis on community and camaraderie, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a lifestyle that goes beyond just living in a neighborhood; it offers the opportunity to be part of a tight-knit aviation community.

Recreational Opportunities


Activity Location Availability
Hiking Local trails Year-round
Cycling Bike paths Spring to Fall
Picnicking Park areas Summer
Fishing Lakes and rivers All year

Living in Twin Oaks Airpark provides residents with access to a wide range of recreational opportunities, both within the airpark itself and in the surrounding area. The airpark’s clubhouse serves as a hub for social activities, including events such as barbecues, picnics, and gatherings. Residents can also take advantage of the walking trails and picnic areas within the airpark, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Additionally, the airpark’s proximity to natural attractions such as parks and hiking trails allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and birdwatching.

For aviation enthusiasts, Twin Oaks Airpark offers unparalleled recreational opportunities right at their doorstep. The airpark’s paved runway provides the perfect setting for pilots to take off and land, allowing them to indulge in their passion for flying whenever they desire. With its focus on aviation and outdoor recreation, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a lifestyle that is rich in recreational opportunities for residents of all ages.

Economic Benefits

Living in Twin Oaks Airpark offers residents a range of economic benefits that go beyond just the convenience of having an attached hangar for their aircraft. The airpark’s focus on aviation creates an environment that is conducive to networking and business opportunities within the aviation industry. Pilots and aircraft owners at Twin Oaks Airpark have the chance to connect with others who share their passion for flying, creating potential opportunities for collaboration and professional development.

Additionally, the value of properties within Twin Oaks Airpark is often enhanced by the presence of aviation amenities such as runways and hangars. This can make homes within the airpark an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to combine their love of aviation with real estate ownership. With its potential for networking and business opportunities, as well as the potential for property value appreciation, Twin Oaks Airpark offers economic benefits that extend beyond just the convenience of living in an aviation-focused community.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority at Twin Oaks Airpark, with measures in place to ensure the well-being of residents and their aircraft. The airpark’s paved runway is maintained to high standards, providing a safe surface for takeoffs and landings. Additionally, the airpark has strict guidelines in place for aircraft operations, ensuring that all pilots adhere to safety protocols while using the runway. This commitment to safety creates a secure environment for residents to enjoy their passion for flying with peace of mind.

In addition to safety measures related to aviation, Twin Oaks Airpark also prioritizes security within the residential community. The airpark has established security protocols to protect residents and their property, creating a safe and secure living environment. This focus on safety and security ensures that residents can enjoy their homes and hangars with confidence, knowing that their well-being is being prioritized by the airpark’s management. With its emphasis on safety and security, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a living environment that is both secure and supportive for aviation enthusiasts.

Environmental Considerations

Twin Oaks Airpark is committed to environmental stewardship, with measures in place to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem. The airpark’s management prioritizes sustainable practices such as water conservation, waste management, and energy efficiency within the community. Additionally, the airpark’s location in a scenic natural setting provides residents with opportunities to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

The airpark’s focus on environmental considerations extends beyond just sustainability; it also includes efforts to preserve natural habitats and wildlife within the surrounding area. Residents of Twin Oaks Airpark have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape while also contributing to its preservation through responsible environmental practices. With its commitment to environmental stewardship, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a living environment that is both harmonious with nature and supportive of sustainable living practices.

In conclusion, Twin Oaks Airpark offers a unique living experience for aviation enthusiasts, with its focus on convenience, community, recreational opportunities, economic benefits, safety and security, and environmental considerations. The airpark provides residents with a lifestyle that goes beyond just living in a neighborhood; it offers the opportunity to be part of a close-knit aviation community while enjoying the convenience of having their aircraft right at their doorstep. With its commitment to safety, security, and environmental stewardship, Twin Oaks Airpark provides a living environment that is both secure and sustainable for residents who share a passion for flying.

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What is Twin Oaks Airpark?

Twin Oaks Airpark is a privately owned public use airport located in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States. It is a popular destination for general aviation pilots and offers various amenities for aircraft owners and enthusiasts.

What are the facilities and amenities available at Twin Oaks Airpark?

Twin Oaks Airpark features a 3,600-foot paved runway, hangar space for aircraft storage, fuel services, flight instruction, aircraft maintenance services, and a pilot’s lounge. The airpark also hosts community events and fly-ins throughout the year.

Is Twin Oaks Airpark open to the public?

Yes, Twin Oaks Airpark is open to the public and welcomes general aviation pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy the facilities and services offered at the airpark.

Can I rent aircraft at Twin Oaks Airpark?

Twin Oaks Airpark does not offer aircraft rental services. However, it is a popular destination for private aircraft owners and pilots to fly in and enjoy the amenities and community events.

Are there any nearby attractions or amenities for visitors to Twin Oaks Airpark?

Twin Oaks Airpark is located near the city of Hillsboro, which offers various amenities, restaurants, and attractions for visitors. Additionally, the airpark is situated in a scenic area with opportunities for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

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